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Laurel, wife


Tucker, age 18

Mack, age 16

Why I'm Running


For the past six years I have had the privilege of representing the towns of Norwich, Sharon, Strafford and Thetford in the Vermont Legislature.  In Montpelier I’ve fought for the things that make our corner of the state special — from our independent school districts to our local economy and rural landscape — and for you on decisions affecting the future of our state.  


Yet all the progress we’ve made is endangered.  The democratic institutions essential to our republic are under assault by President Trump:  a free press, support for public schools, the rule of law, access to the ballot box, the separation of powers, and respect for all Americans regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, or gender.  And his policies further undermine our democracy by exacerbating already extreme levels of economic inequality.


In the last four years our legislature has stood as a firebreak against Trumpism.  We fortified the Affordable Care Act, mapped out a system to lower prescription drug costs, passed a commonsense gun law, increased reproductive health protections, adopted a plan to root out systemic racism in state government, and reduced rates of incarceration.  Every one of these actions pushed back on the Trump Administration and its policies.


And if I’m elected, I will continue that fight.


The erosion of Vermont’s bipartisan traditions in the last two years has also been disheartening.  Instead of working with legislators to find bipartisan solutions that help Vermonters, on many issues Governor Scott has refused to even engage.  The governor set a record for vetoes and, for the first time in our history, raised the specter of a government shutdown.  With the flick of a pen he has denied paid family leave insurance, funding for clean water, and accountability from toxic chemical manufacturers. 


We can no longer take for granted the democratic institutions and bipartisan traditions that have long sustained Vermont.  My third term will be dedicated to fighting the virulent Trumpist policies that imperil our state, while pressing the governor for action on issues most important to Vermonters.

Tim's has been endorsed by the following organizations:
  • GunSense Vermont
  • Planned Parenthood of Northern New England
  • Vermont Conservation Voters
  • Vermont-National Education Association
  • Sierra Club of Vermont
  • Vermont State Employees Association
  • Vermont AFL-CIO
State Representative:  Tim was elected to the Vermont House in 2014.  He is currently the Chair of the House Energy & Technology Committee and was the author and lead sponsor of VT's Global Warming Solutions Act.  Tim and his committee wrote the most important legislation to date to expand broadband internet connectivity in VT.  In his first two terms, Tim served on the House Health Care Committee where he served as the Ranking Member.  While on the Health Care Committee, primary areas of focus were pharmaceutical pricing and expanding access to health care and mental health care.  Tim's constituent service work has touched on several areas during his three terms, including  helping school boards navigate the implementation of Act 46, assisting citizens with  VT Health Connect challenges, supporting local groups working on aging-in-place and affordable housing issues, and working with local grassroots organizations to stop the NewVistas development.
Tuckerman Capital:  In 2001, Tim founded Tuckerman Capital with Peter Milliken of Norwich.  Tuckerman invests in small U.S. manufacturing companies and works with those businesses to help them grow.  Tuckerman has invested in 20 companies and, in one of the most challenging eras for U.S. manufacturing and investing, has helped those businesses survive and thrive.
Thetford Academy Board of Trustees (2001-11), President (2007-10):  When Tim joined the TA board in 2001, he quickly became involved in the Academy's financial direction.  Tim was elected TA's board President in 2007 and guided the board through an $8.5 million school renovation project, which came in on-budget.
Legislative Assistant to U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy (1991-93):  For three years, Tim served in Washington, D.C. as Senator Leahy's advisor on tax, budget, and economic policy, as well as his liason with the Vermont business community.
Current board service:  Tim serves on the boards of Vital Communities Corporate Council (business leaders from across the Upper Valley working with Vital Communities for a sustainable, vibrant economic environment), Mascoma Bank (an independent, Certified B-Corporation bank re-investing its profits in the Upper Valley), and VT Parks Forever (Tim was a founding board member of VPF, an organization committed to enhancing the experience of Vermont's parks through private support).


Tim Briglin grew up in Washington County northeast of Albany and east of Saratoga Springs, NY.  Tim's parents were both public school teachers, his dad teaching ninth grade earth science and his mom teaching kindergarten and 1st grade.  By the time Tim reached high school, his dad had become superindent of schools and his mom had become president of a local teacher's union.
Tim went to Cornell University and majored in History and Government.  He wrote his senior thesis on Alexander Hamilton Stephens, the Vice President of the Confederacy and his effect on the drafting of the Confederate Constitution.  Tim graduated with honors in 1988.
Upon graduating from college, Tim went to work for Marine Midland Bank in corporate lending.  After two years and a deep interest in the raging S&L crisis, in 1990, Tim resigned his banking job to work on U.S. Senate Banking Committee.
Tim moved over to Senator Leahy's staff in March 1991.  During his time on Capitol Hill, Tim met his wife Laurel Mackin, a press aide to Senator Bill Bradley.
Tim and Laurel married in 1995 after Tim completed his MBA at Stanford.  Their first two years of marriage, they lived in New York City plotting their exodus to Vermont.  They moved to the Upper Valley in 1998 and settled in Thetford Center in 2000 in time for Tucker's arrival one year later.
Tim has been involved in Vermont politics for over two decades.  He worked on the Clinton and Leahy campaigns in 1992, Deb Markowitz' first campaign for Secretary of State in 1998, and was the treasurer for the Markowitz gubernatorial campaign in 2010.  Tim has been active in raising financial support for Congressman Welch and President Obama.
Tim was a member of Vermont's delegation to the 2008 and 2012 Democratic National Conventions, including serving on the national Platform Committee in 2012.
Currently, Tim is active on the Thetford, Windsor County, and Orange County Democratic Committees.

Tim with Planned Parenthood of NNE President Meagan Gallagher and Rep. Ann Pugh at the signing of Act 120, the Access to Birth Control Bill.

State House tour with Marion Cross School 4th graders

2017 Montpelier Women's March with Laurel and Mack

Mack & Tucker and Ben & Jerry protesting the

Supreme Court's Citizen's United decision

Tim Briglin Vermont House state rep

Tim  & Laurel canvassing at Thetford Town Hall

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