Tim Briglin for Vermont House


Dear Neighbors,


We are writing to ask you to join us in supporting Tim Briglin with one of your two votes in the state representative election.


Vermont faces substantial challenges in the next two years and we need our most talented, experienced people to step forward.  If we get the solutions to these challenges right, Vermont will thrive.


Tim understands that our current health insurance system is not sustainable for businesses or for families.  Tim will work for a functional, sustainably funded universal health care system that will make Vermont a better place to work, live, and create jobs.


When it comes to our schools, Tim understands that it is local school boards, parents, and taxpayers who can fashion the best solutions to the challenges brought by declining student populations and rising per-pupil costs – solutions that are best for students and their communities.  Tim believes that community-based decision making is fundamental to who we are as Vermonters.


Climate change poses a direct threat to Vermont and our economy, but Tim sees that reducing our carbon footprint also presents an enormous opportunity.  Vermont employs more people per capita in the renewable energy industry than any other state.  Vermont’s initiatives to enhance energy efficiency not only reduce consumption, but save Vermonters money and create local jobs.


Tim has been involved in policy work and public service for more than two decades. He started working for Vermont 25 years ago when Senator Leahy brought him onto his Washington staff as his advisor on economic and tax issues.


Tim served on Thetford Academy’s board for ten years, and chaired the board for three.


In 2013, Governor Shumlin recruited Tim to work with his office on a financing system for universal health care.  Because of Tim’s long experience building small businesses, the Governor also appointed him to the Vermont Economic Progress Council, which works to keep job-creating businesses in-state and recruit expanding companies to Vermont.


Professionally, Tim is an entrepreneur and small business owner.  In 2001 he co-founded Tuckerman Capital, a company with five employees that invests in and works with small, growing manufacturing companies around the U.S.  In a decade when many were giving up on American manufacturers, Tim’s company saw an opportunity to help them thrive.


With a young family of two boys and his wife Laurel, Tim has a deep interest in the success of our communities.  He wants his children – and our children – to have the same opportunity he and Laurel have had: to raise their families here.  It's expensive to live here.  Sustainability and affordability will be guiding principles for him as a state legislator.


Tim is a highly qualified candidate to represent us in Montpelier.  He’s got a head for finance and economics, and a heart for making our state a better place to live.


Thanks for your interest and for voting for Tim.




Margaret Cheney

Peter Welch

Kathy Hoyt

Therese Linehan

Michael Livingston

Sarah Martel & Joe Deffner

Bob Walker

Anne & Peter Silberfarb

Ned Coffin

Pril & John Hall

Chad Finer

Ashley & Peter Milliken

Chip & Cynthia Odell

Arline Rotman

Brad Atwood

James Bandler

Jeff Goodrich

Hazel Lewis

Jessica Tidman

Kate Siepmann

Dan & Dana Grossman

Amy Huyffer

Jim Schley

Sperry Wilson

Laurel Mackin

Jon Stableford

Elaine & Mike McCabe

Sherry & Keith Merrick

Wendy Cole

Charlie Buttrey

Kay & John Morton

Tim Eastman

Nancy Hoggson

Liz & Clay Adams

Cathy & Scott McGee

Lisa Christie

Patricia Smith & Andy Welch

Amy & Gio Bosco

Wanda Vaughan

Jen & Andy Boyce

Curt Albee

Ted MacVeagh & Katy Milligan

Jill Butler

Trudi Brock

Maureen Burford & Alex Jaccaci

Dwight Sperry

Mary Magavern Sachsse

Nina & Scott McCampbell

Geoffrey Vitt










Norwich volunteers on the Norwich green

 Thetford team on Tucker Hill Road